In loving memory

From Lisa, Founder

Some know of the Passing of my fellow founder Viki from Vampire the Seduction. Some may know her as the founder of Vampires City of Angels.

I would like to say that Viki and I always got along .. We didn't but over the years we both developed a mutual respect for each other. She even came to play in DSV and DSS from time to time.
She is more known for playing her Vampires. We play vampires for a reason they are for the most part eternally young and beautiful. Never dieing creatures. It is our way of staving off our own mortality.
Tonight the online Role playing community has lost a giant. We all mourn her passing that comes as a shock to us all. Tomorrow May 10th at 12 Midnight eastern  I request all of the DS Channels to observe a moment of silence in her memory.
No matter what Religion you are please pray for her family in this their hour of grief.
Life is too short too sweet and to dear not to let this death pass with out word. Viki if you looking down on us you have impacted most of the players on irc either or even on
It was you and Chris that gave me the anger and wherewithal to keep Darkshadows open in the early days. Even though She and I were at odds when DSV first open we came to work together on several issues both on Dalnet and Sorcery and had a respect for each other as strong opinionated woman.

In Memoriam of Viki founder of Vampires the Seduction.

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